“An online wallet or E-Wallet is a payment service ensures that customers’ important information is stored in one central place. The details used for online shopping information, that includes login ids, passwords, credit card details and shipping address can also be controlled by customers. Through this technological and convenient program, consumers can buy products and services from any part of the world.”

“Also referred as a digital wallet, it works like a debit or a credit card that enables secured online payments towards a merchant. This program ascertains that users’ details are not compromised on any unidentified website. An E-Wallet payment service through which users can make electronic commerce transactions, allows them to purchasing items online. Devices like computers, tablets and smartphones with internet can be used to use this program.”

Features & Benefits

“E-wallet payment is a safe and quick way to pay and store your money online. Sign up with EUROPAY to get the best online payment service.”