Investment platform

The perfect solution for people looking to access virtually any market in the world from a single platform with no lock-ins, entrance fees or exit penalties

Investment platforms used to be the preserve of financial institutions and High Net Worth Individuals. At EUROPAY  we believe that everyone should be entitled to the highest quality investment platforms.

We offer our clients access to a revolutionary investment platform in the offshore investment world.


We believe that quality investment platforms should be open to everyone. That is why our platform can be opened with account balances of $3,00-$65,000


Access virtually any tradable asset from any market in the world. The choice provided by the investment platform means that our dedicated team of investment professionals can allocate your money into the very finest assets.


Flexibility is the most important part of any financial plan. With our investment platform you have 100% access to your money from day one. No lock-ins. No entrance fees. No exit penalties.

 ONLINE 24/7

Access your investments online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your online account will allow you to view live up to the minute valuations, make online trades and receive professional portfolio reporting and analysis.

The options available to you with our investment platform are virtually limitless. Whatever you are trying to achieve with your investment goals we will be able to structure a plan that will suit your needs.

Once your plan is set up your investments will be managed by our dedicated team of professionals to ensure they are allocated correctly and achieving the returns you need.

How can we help you invest?

Do you want to invest in Fixed Income products?

Do you want to invest in Securities?

Do you want to invest in Mutual Fund Products?

Do you want to invest in Invest in Foreign Currency?

We offer a wide range of solutions to meet your needs

Europay Investment Services helps you decide where to invest your hard-earned income: We’ve offered a diverse portfolio of investment options to our valued customers since 2016, helping you minimise your risk while maximising your returns.

We offer the following investment options

MasterCard Project Investment Package A:

Details: Establishment of Payment terminals, Electronic cashier and invest in high transaction currency exchange.

Acceptable capital:   $5,000

Profit: monthly 5.3%

Period investment:  2 year


MasterCard Project Investment Package B:

Details: Prepaid MasterCard Registration, MasterCard Payment Advance, MasterCard Web Service Infrastructure Development, Proprietary Purchase, Produce New Master card Products.

Acceptable capital: $10,000

Profit: monthly 6.5%

Period investment: 4 year


MasterCard Project Investment Package PRO Invest:

Details: Establishment of international POS MasterCard devices. Providing instantaneous settlement of transactions and profits from forex stock brokers.

Acceptable capital: $15,000

Profit: monthly  7.3%

Period investment: 4 year