Investment Products

When it comes to saving for a secure retirement or making your money work harder for you in the short term, we’ve got an investment option that may be right for you.

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The breadth of our client network – which includes oil, gas, petrochemicals, industrial, real estate, manufacturing and infrastructure – demonstrates our expertise in numerous sectors.

We offer the following investment options

MasterCard Project Investment Package A:

Details: Establishment of Payment terminals, Electronic cashier and invest in high transaction currency exchange.

Acceptable capital:   $500-$5,000

Profit: 36.xx%-48%

Period profit: annually

capital protection: 100%

Period investment:  1-2 year

MasterCard Project Investment Package B:

Details: Prepaid MasterCard Registration, MasterCard Payment Advance, MasterCard Web Service Infrastructure Development, Proprietary Purchase, Produce New Master card Products.

Acceptable capital: $10,000-$15,000$

Profit: annually 60.xx%-72.xx%

Period profit: annually

capital protection: 100%

Period investment: 3-4 year

 MasterCard Project Investment Package PRO Invest:

Details: Establishment of international POS MasterCard devices. Providing instantaneous settlement of transactions and profits from forex stock brokers.


Acceptable capital: $20,000-$60,000

Profit: monthly 72.xx-84.xx%

Period profit: annually

capital protection: 100%

Period investment: 4 -6 year