Terms of Service

Users are required to read all the provisions of these rules and regulations before registering and to register only if they accept it and commit to the contract with us.

Authentication is required to use the service and users are required to upload their correct information.

Users commit to use the site services only for themselves. The responsibility of using the site services for other people who have not gone through the authentication process will be for the user and the support team will take serious action if observed.

Users acknowledge that they are aware of the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies and are aware of the principles of investing, and with the knowledge of this issue, they invest and use cryptocurrencies.

Users acknowledge that to use the features of the website they must pay a non-refundable membership fee.

The collection of websites, applications and europay is not responsible for the way users invest and the potential loss of users.

Any negligence of users in protecting security information, including the user's password is the responsibility of the user and the site will not be responsible, it is strictly recommended to use a strong and secure password and two-factor identification code.

The collection of websites, applications and europay ensures that users assets are trusted and maintained in the best possible way and with the highest level of security by utilizing the best blockchain technologies.

If you want to withdraw , the user will be responsible for providing the correct wallet address. In case of any problem, including incorrect entry of the correct address, defective address or label, problems of the destination wallet, and blocking of users' assets in the destination wallet, the site will not be responsible for any responsibility.

Europay is always committed to complying with all global sanctions laws and monitoring the fight against money laundering

The user is always obliged to prove his identity to us and in case of any suspicious activity, we can temporarily suspend your account for security checks.

The user acknowledges that, except in the case of commitments on the collection of europay, he will not have the right to make any claims, claims, or complaints in any court in any country.

Europay undertakes to maintain all user information with the best necessary standards and protocols and in no way to disclose all or part of this information to any natural or legal person or an organization.

Our platforms have the right to change the terms of the site or application or to formulate or amend specific rules in accordance with the terms, and publish these rules to you in the relevant system sections of the platforms without notice to you. Therefore, you should pay attention to certain changes and rules from time to time, and if you continue to use the services after the content changes, in order to study, understand and accept these rules, you will be removed and you will be deprived of any right to object.