Why us?

Meet your true partner in Payments

We facilitate payments for platforms. That’s all we do. But it’s not ALL we do. We’re a trusted partner that works with you to make payments easy for your users and profitable for you. Find out why more than a thousand top platforms already use us to make payments seamless, simple and safe.

We ensures safety of your as well as your clients’ transactions with ‘state of the art’ technologies. VeerPay is the most cost-effective online payment disbursement solution enterprise aiding corporate business houses, businesspersons, and entrepreneurs to conduct safe and secure online business.

The online payment solutions that we offer are different and sophisticated. It is to ensure growth of our client’s business and at the same time, we strive to make the online business community less prone to online fraud. Our streamlined processing assures that we minimize the operation cost; hence allowing us to offer our clients the most advanced solution at the least cost.

Flexible user experience

You’ll have complete control over the experience, including opportunity to white-label your buyer and seller experience.

Frictionless for conversion

You can avoid 3rd party redirects and lengthy merchant onboarding flows that undermine user adoption and payer checkout.

Fraud free

EUROPAY takes liability for fraud off your platform, so you can focus on growing your business worry-free.

Seamless user experience

Register new users, charge credit cards and settle funds in your app without changing the look and feel.

Instant onboarding

Get new users processing payments in seconds. No confusing redirect, no conversion-killing forms up front.

More than just checkout

Everything related to multi-party payments — including KYC collection and risk management.

Scales With You

The one technology layer that serves you from first dollar to your first billion processed.

Seamless Security

Tools and support for PCI compliance, tokenization and more, all backed by bank-level security.